Guided Tours in the City of Salzburg

Classic City Tour – Old Town Walking Tour


In the „Classic City Tour“ you will experience the most notable buildings in the Old Town and obtain information about the enlightening historic events of Salzburg.

During our walking tour we’ll dive into the baroque Salzburg, discover picturesque historic alleyways and manorial places, trace Modern Art amidst the historic centre and will enjoy stories and anecdotes about the most famous son of the city, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. Your interests will determine the main focus of the tour.

Duration: 2 hours

Special tours: 3 hours


Themed Special Tours

Alternatively you can decide upon themes that are of personal interest and choose special Highlights that I will focus on for you. The suggested tours in the menu list will help you to decide  which themes you are most interested in. This will also assist in determining the duration of the tour.