Mirabell Palace and Gardens

It is impossible to ignore the special charm of the Mirabell Palace.
Prince-Archbishop Wolf Dietrich von Raitenau built it as a token affection for his beloved Salome Alt. Once the home to his 15 children it was rebuilt several times. But details such as the edging of the windows and stuccowork bear witness to the palace’s former splendour.

Surely one of the highlights is the grand marble staircase. The famous staircase with the sculptures in the niches of Georg Raphael Donner where charming cherubs decorate the marble balustrade is one of the finest products of the European baroque.

Even today the palace is a magical venue full of romance.  The marble hall formerly the prince-archbishops’ ballroom is considered to be one of the “most beautiful wedding halls in the world.”

The palace is surrounded by the magnificent Mirabell Gardens, the right setting for stunning photos, with the fortress and historic buildings serving as a backdrop. It would be a great pleasure for me to share this garden-architectural treasure with you.


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