Hellbrunn – Palace and Trick Fountains

In the South periphery of Salzburg is one of the most magnificent Renaissance buildings north of the Alps: Hellbrunn Palace with its spacious and beautiful park grounds and its unique Trick Fountains.  Hellbrunn is a place of bygone festivity and present day magic. In 1612 Salzburg’s Prince Archbishop Markus Sittikus commissioned a summer residence to be built at the foot of the well-watered Hellbrunn Mountain.


Water and the “principle of surprise” were the central themes in the design of the palace and its gardens. Hidden behind trees or jutting out from unexpected hiding places the world famous trick fountains (Wasserspiele) will provide you with an effervescent experience with almost unchanged endearing features that once entertained the Prince-Archbishops almost 400 years ago: strange and mysterious grottoes, water-driven moving figures and deceptive fountains that surprise all over the place.



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