If you want to visit any of the City’s Museums I will ensure to make it as rewarding and engaging experience as possible.

Mozart’s Birthplace

Tour through original Mozart-rooms (historic instruments, memorabilia, portraits, letters, private items of the Mozart family)

Mozart Residence

Displays of Mozart’s artistic genius during his Salzburg years in this eight-roomed-flat where the Mozart family lived for several years. Another topic of the museum is “Mozart and women”


Baroque Authority – Baroque Glory. 15,000 magnificent square metres – 2,000 stunning exhibits – 1,300 turbulent years. Cultural highlight in the heart of the city: the former centre of the archbishop’s power, the complex consisting of palace and cathedral, completed by St. Peter’s Abbey.

Cathedral Excavations Museum (July and August only)

The Cathedral Excavations Museum underneath the Residenz- and Domplatz provides an opportunity to step back in time and observe the building activities occurring since Roman times in the area of the present cathedral.

Salzburg Museum

The Salzburg Museum showcases Salzburg’s cultural history and history of art. The exhibition “The Salzburg Myth” displayed on the second floor begins with the Romantic painters and explains the “Myth of Salzburg”.
On the ground and the first floors changing exhibitions offer new and exciting insights into art and culture of the city of Salzburg.

The museum is connected with the Panorama Passage and Panorama Museum.

Panorama Museum

The museum is home of the outstanding city panorama created by J.M. Sattler (1786-1847), 26 meters in circumference that shows the view from Hohensalzburg Fortress 200 years ago.

Panorama Passage 

The Panorama Passage is an amazing journey through time! It guides you through the development of Salzburg from the time of the Romans to the early nineteenth century illustrated by models of the city as well as objects, typical of specific historical periods.


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